Stalley Talks Playing Basketball Against LeBron, How His Music Helped Prevent A Suicide

01.09.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

There’s never a bad time to sit back, listen and watch our favorite artists have their brains picked over here. Here, MuziksMyLife Damon Campbell catches up with Stalley after his meet and greet at Burn Rubber in Detroit. The two chat on a handful of topics including the Milq MC playing high school basketball games against fellow Ohioan LeBron James, Curren$y playing the original role of connector between him and Rick Ross and how his music helped save a suicidal fan.

You have to love a culture and a genre that features so many moving parts. A bit corny and over-the-top? At times, sure. But, part of the reason we listen to it is because of the storylines going on behind the scenes and something tells me Stalley has more of these tales to tell.

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