Starcraft II Trailer Makes Us Wish For A Starcraft Movie

07.26.10 7 years ago

The new trailer for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is out and considering how good the cutscenes were for the first Starcraft (Did it really come out twelve years ago?), it’s not surprising that the animation looks amazing. What is amazing is that this trailer is better than 90 percent of movie trailers from the last few years. Am I the only lazy bastard that just wants to watch this game more than play it?

I was all set to start summarizing the plot of Starcraft for you, just in case you forgot what it was all about in the last 12 years, when I noticed that IGN took the time to sum up the whole complicated space melodrama in just five minutes. You might want to brush up on it before the sequel comes out on July 27th. (Although it doesn’t explain how the Southern Drawl manages to survive into the distant future.)

Check out the trailer and the summary after the jump.

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