Starlito + Don Trip – “28th Song” Video

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11.29.13 8 Comments

The wait between Stepbrothers and Stepbrothers 2 was a long but worthy one. “28th Song” represents the end result of what happens when Starlito and Don Trip team up and that’s words on words. It’s almost like being trapped on a merry-go-round because just when one stops, the other picks up and goes and the only option you have is to hang on and listen.

And since we’re here, here are two cuts that were on Lito’s recent release Fried Turkey (stream it here) with appearances from Danny Brown (on “The DUI Song(s)”) and Young Buck (“Ain’t Goin Back”) that didn’t make the retail release.

Pick up Stepbrothers 2 here and Fried Turkey right here.

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