Starlito + Ryan Hemsworth – “Marley Lion”

08.23.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

starlito ryan hemsworth

Starlito and Ryan Hemsworth together has to be what it feels like for a kid whose birthday falls close together with Christmas. Like, eating your desert before dinner. Like when they used to show The Cosby Show and A Different World back-to-back. Like a four-day weekend followed by a snow day that Tuesday. Yeah, fulfilling shit like that.

Anyway, what had happened was Lito was apparently in L.A. and Yours Truly managed to get him and Ryan in the same studio.

“Sometimes it feels like opposites really do attract. It was there in neatly packed Tuffcut Studios in Burbank that something special happened. The first three beats Ryan played, Lito was already writing to. Lito quietly swaying in the booth, phone in hand with lyrics jotted down, punching in every once in awhile with complete conviction. It’s these connections that are sometimes the most surprising, but that’s what makes songs from scratch fun.”


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