“The City’s Still The Same…”

02.28.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Travel to any major city and one image manages to stand the test of the time. It is the image of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children walking aimlessly towards a destination known only to them. Some house stories of success, while some of failure. Some harbor feelings of love, while others let pain encompass them. It’s the beautiful trait about the human race. We’ve all got a story. It takes a special storyteller to spawn these personal tales into timeless audio art. Ironically, it was a man never afforded the sense of sight who painted a beautiful picture of inner city life.

Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City” is a fluid, introspective tune broadcasting the all-too-familiar lives of millions. Maybe not your own, but every community has a family trying their hardest to make ends meet. And do it legally at that. Every city has a determined young lady hellbent on beating the odds, even if they are ultimately stacked against her. And unfortunately, countless families suffer from the feeling of hopelessness from having to visit a relative behind bars. It’s a reflection of everyday life, otherwise known as music in its purest form.

On “Living…,” the picture Stevie painted describes a social temperature that, depending who you ask, hasn’t changed all that much in the decades since. People are still victims of circumstance. Women still have invisible hurdles to conquer. And the prison population, unfortunately, continues to rise. Some things never change.


Download — Stevie Wonder – “Living For The City”

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