Sunday Preseason Open Thread

08.24.14 3 years ago 509 Comments

I dare say, Saturday was an exciting night of preseason football. Michael Sam and Johnny Manziel consummated their summer narrative marriage. Sam Bradford had an injury scare. Peyton Manning got flagged for taunting (expect 1,000 words from Peter King tomorrow on why taunting is sometimes necessary to be a true leader). Wes Welker suffered his third concussion in 10 months, putting his immediate, if not long-term, future in doubt. Oh, and Drew Brees finally played this season.

Just two more games today, the second to last Sunday before the NFL regular season returns. The 49ers already repaired playing surface gets its first test in Levi’s Stadium’s second exhibition. Don’t worry, Danny Woodhead is such a lunchpail-carrying gamer that his grit translates to any playing surface. He’ll show those fans complaining about the heat how to gut it out.

San Diego at San Francisco

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