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Nikita Penalosa

Nikita Penalosa

Meet Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Buddy [CNN]

Tales From The Hood Part 2 [Very Smart Brothas]

David Cameron’s War On Internet Porn Lacks a Smoking Gun [Vice]

Bricks, Ivy, Jumbotron: Wrigley Gets $500M Upgrade [AP]

Police Forced To Give Stripper One Million Dollars [Urban Daily]

American Idol: 10 Black Contestants Sue Over Racism Allegations [This Is RnB]

Kanye West & Kim K Spend $750K On 4 Gold Plated Toilets [Hip-Hop Wired]

The 6 Shoes That Will Last a Lifetime [GQ]

Bruce Willis Humiliates Radio DJ During Interview [Giant]

Michael K. Williams of “The Wire” Traces His African Heritage [Okay Africa]

Bo Knows What? Bo Jackson’s Surprising Post-NFL/MLB Career [Shutdown Corner]

Scrolls, Spezial & More Musings [Gwarizm]

Jay Z’s Hyphen Is Looking for Jobs On Craigslist [Crosby Press]

Sneaker Shopping with Colin Kaepernick [TSG]

Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws Present Challenge for NBC’s Olympics Coverage [Variety]

Lady Gaga Naked (But Covered) To Promote New Album [Peeperz]

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