“The R&B Game’s Porn Star…”

12.07.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Coasting on the fruits of feature money, T-Private Plane attempts to bring the pain once again with “Money Long,” an Auto-Tune-less barrage of 100,000 Grand bars toward the feeble rappers he feels continue to bite his now-generic gimmick. I’ll be the first to say this gold-toothed cash cow has got some decent spit in him, especially over these bottomed-out horns, but the Auto-Tune debate is about as burnt out as a hobo’s heels. The quality of the music depends on the listener. Period.

This listener thinks T-Pain’s issue isn’t even an issue, it’s just that he isn’t capable of rapping about any other topic.


Download – T-Pain Feat. One Chance – “My Money Long”

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