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02.11.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

Hines Ward made his cameo on “The Walking Dead” last night as a zombie. And he was dealt with as many zombies on the show are: by being shot in the head. Seeing as how most people who aren’t Steelers fans hate Hines, quite a crowd-pleasing move by the show. For the record: Hines survives Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but not the zombie apocalypse. Nice to have some closure for the fictional lives of your favorite athletes.

— The NFL has discussed widening its playing field, making it similar to the dimensions used in the CFL, in order to further curb concussions. That won’t solve the problem of subconcussive hits causing CTE, but at least players will see more points scored before developing brain disease.

— Deadspin further vets the Facebook data showing where fans of each NFL team live. Basically, it’s a study in bandwagonism.

— The New York Post uses its expert journo stalking skills to track down Dan Marino’s baby mamma in London to get a few unexceptional pictures of her getting into a car. Well done, guys.

— The Falcons and Michael Turner appear to be on the outs. Cutting the running back would save $6.9 million and reduce the aggregate roster weight by roughly 400 lbs.

— The Vikings are reportedly trying to trade Percy Harvin, because apparently that either really hate Christian Ponder (valid) or wanna make it that much more difficult for Adrian Peterson to make another run at Eric Dickerson’s record.

— Brett Keisel shaved off his beard at a charity event late last year, guaranteeing no one recognizes him for a while. Keisel will turn 35 later this year and is often mentioned as one of the several Pittsburgh cap casualties during the off-season, so it could be the last time people see the beard ever. Womp womp.

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