Texans-49ers Live Blog, First Half

10.06.13 4 years ago 452 Comments


After that Broncos-Cowboys game, it’s kinda tough to be ready for more football, let alone six more hours of football, without a brief rest but here we go. If it’s any consolation, safe to assume this game won’t produce 99 points.

A win 10 days ago on a Thursday night over the Rams convinced some knee-jerk media that everything wrong with the 49ers was instantly solved. Accordingly, two straight losses and three pick-sixes in as many weeks have convinced a contingent of Texans fans that Matt Schaub might as well get run out of town a la Josh Freeman.

Of course, every game is a referendum on just about everyone, so say Schaub excels and Kaepernick struggles, a lot of the discussion will be right back to noting how Alex Smith is leading a team that is still undefeated while the Texans are back on course. A win is critical on both ends – insofar as a non-conference game that doesn’t affect tiebreakers can be.

A win by the Niners gets them back to within a game of Seattle. Likewise, a Texans win keeps them within a game of victorious Indianapolis. Are we to believe either side fixes their many issues with a victory? That’s a big nope, but like the rest of the season – it’s all about putting yourself in the best position in case your team manages to get hot at the end of the year.

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