Texans-Jets Live Blog, Second Half

10.08.12 5 years ago 1,061 Comments

After the Texans’ opening drive ended with a long, barely contested touchdown pass, this had all the makings of the blowout that we had every reason to expect. Yet the Jets refused to go away without first cruelly teasing their fans with the faintest whiff of a competitive effort.

While the Jets defense did briefly stifle the Texans and intercept Schaub once. It seem like they won’t this game get completely out of hand until the Jets offense starts handing out turnovers on a regular basis. The Texans nearly got one on a Brooks Reed strip of Sanchez that bounced back to the Jets and nearly ended up being a scoring drive before J.J. Watt displayed his awesome white guy vert to deflect a Nacho pass into the hands of a Texans DB.

Teebs was given a chance to throw and, to his credit, did put the ball in Jason Hill’s hands on a deep pass only for it to be dropped. Tebow later converted the most predictable fake punt in history on 4th and an inch. All hail PUNTBACK! Sanchez at one point had Cromartie deep along the sideline, but Cromartie couldn’t stay in, which is a rarity for him.

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