The 007: Blood Stone Trailer Is The Only James Bond You’re Getting

07.19.10 7 years ago

The trailer’s out for the new “Daniel Craig” James Bond video game 007: Blood Stone and it appears to have everything you expect from a Bond game: shooting, random explosions and flying boats. The one thing the trailer’s missing is some slutty women to seduce…but they’re probably some where in those flying boats.

The one thing it doesn’t have, and won’t be getting for a while, is a movie to go with it. In case you haven’t heard, the 23rd Bond film was officially cancelled back on July 4th, due the fact that MGM’s completely run out of money. In fact, they were trying to sell the whole Bond franchise to pay off their debts back in February. Now, of course a new James Bond film will be made eventually -it’s too much of a money maker not to make one eventually. But since Bond 23 was supposed to be in theater in 2012, don’t expect one until at least after that.

Watch the trailer after the jump!

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