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03.23.08 9 years ago 21 Comments

Words By David D.

Remember when New York was on the verge of making its grand return to Hip-Hop’s forefront?

Papoose and Saigon were dropping mixtapes every twelve minutes with promises of an upcoming album that would change the face of Hip-Hop. Since then, both have been in record label turmoil and engaged in some of the more bizarre public relations fiascos in recent memory. The bubble has burst and their buzz has died with one painful and laughable thud.

However, there was always one MC from the Big Apple with just as much skill and tremendous wordplay as Pap and Saigon: Cory Gunz.

I always thought that Gunz had an ability that his contemporaries lacked, which was the capacity to construct songs. Papoose and Saigon were good rappers, but lacked an ability to make their verses into concise 16’s with compelling hooks.

For some reason, though, Gunz just disappeared. While mixtapes were flooding the market, Gunz dropped three amazing mixtapes in his Apprentice series. Since then, Gunz songs have come very infrequently. I actually thought he had quit the game or something until a few days ago when he appeared on Lil’ Wayne’s “A Millie” and straight Lil’ Wayned Lil’ Wayne. Cory Gunz absolutely stole the show and obliterated the track with his patented rapid-fire flow which makes one wish that he could just spit over the whole beat.

Many artists who spit extremely fast are incapable of slowing their style down and giving great lyrics. But Gunz has the ability to spit as fast as Twista but fills those insanely quick bars with potent lyrics.

Hopefully, with his standout performance on “A Millie,” Cory can find a way to get more of his music out, even hopefully manifesting itself in an album for ’08.

Lil Wayne Feat. Corey Gunz – A Millie

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