The Best Moments From Eagles-Saints

11.06.12 5 years ago 36 Comments

With another Eagles loss in a game that they had quite a few squandered chances to win, or at least make competitive, the assumption is that the death knell has sounded for both Andy Reid and Michael Vick in Philadelphia. By the end of the season, that is more than likely the case. In the immediate future, not exactly. Andy Reid announced that Vick remains the starting quarterback for the time being, so Philly fans will have to continue to gaze forlornly toward a rookie white guy QB who almost certainly couldn’t do any better behind that dreadful offensive line.

As for the Saints, if you wanted to be optimistic, you could note that they have now won three of their past four, even if the one loss was an embarrassing blowout in Denver. New Orleans now gets the rival Falcons at home on Sunday. It’s unrealistic to expect that the Saints could catch the Falcons for the division lead at this point, but handing Atlanta their first loss would be a huge step toward making a run at a Wild Card berth.

Of course, don’t let the Eagles red zone derps fool you into thinking the Saints defense has made stripes toward competence. They’re still horrible. Seriously, I think the Saints have at least two missed tackles on every play.

All right, follow along for the good sh*t.

The play everyone is talking about this morning is one that was negated by penalty. The Eagles had a gimmick return that relied on Riley Cooper lying down on the field to conceal himself in the end zone on the opposite side of the field from the returner, Brandon Boykin. Right after he caught the ball, Boykin wheeled and threw the ball across the field to Cooper, who by then had sprung to his feet and yelled “WILD CARD, BITCHES!” Except Boykin’s throw traveled forward, which drew a flag and wasted the one good idea that Andy Reid had all night.

The Saints challenged an Eagles reception in the first half. Tirico took exception with the catch being upheld because even though NFL rules dictate that a ball can touch the ground so long as it is secured and still be a catch, that’s not good enough for Tirico. He says 50 dudes in a bar would not think that’s a catch. Well that’s a realistic standard to go by for just about anything, isn’t it? Let’s forgo this messy election thing and just poll 50 random schlubs in a bar. At least Tirico would happy. Also supporters of the controversial “Tits or GTFO” amendment.

For some reason, ESPN talking heads broached the subject of whether Drew Brees should be considered an elite quarterback after the game. Not sure that’s something that needs to be reevaluated. It’s the kind of insipid debate that ESPN must be having at all times, though, so whatever. The only reason I draw attention to it is the compliment Steve Young gave to Brees, saying his every pass “has a message to the receiver attached to it.” Yeah, I’m sure the intended meaning of that has something to do with leading the receivers in certain directions, but I’m running with any innuendo that can get.

Marcus Vick got the attention of everyone during the game by ranting on Twitter that the Eagles should trade his brother because the Eagles don’t bother to protect or help him. Actually, he said a lot of other stuff. It was all over the place. Unfortunately, some of the unexpected attention forced him to delete a few of the tweets. Luckily there’s still the one where he calls Asante Samuel “Ashanti”. It’s those womanly tresses. I get it.

Oh, and smoked mirrors was fantastic, too. I don’t doubt that Marcus Vick has actually tried to smoke a mirror at some point in his life.

Just before kickoff, Gruden tried to empathize with Andy Reid and Vick for all the Philly fans calling for their heads. On one hand, I’m sure Gruden took some shit during his days as offensive coordinator for the Eagles, but he also parlayed that job into the head coaching position for the Raiders. So it’s not like he got run out of town. He just took a better job. Quit toying with my emotions, Jon.


Don’t think those girls are getting a lot of money when they’re just putting their product out there like that.


Need a few more member to complete your Saints Avengers roster. Once you do, we’ll work on getting Roger Goodell a Loki helmet.


Yes, very derivative of Calvin pissing on things, but I think the Hitler ‘stache on The Rog makes it.


It’s good that Saints fans offer moral support to those affected by Sandy, but I like how this ESPN acronym makes it sound like wearied New Yorks have to suffer with putting up with Saints fans well wishing.

Bleeder in the Clubhouse

The guy in the clown suit was a surprise pick as team captain

Bucket O’ Haterade

He coached the first 4 games

The Flyin Hawaiian David Kaliiki Alii

They got tired of Ty Detmer? Philly truly has the worst fans.

Mike Martz Colors Dont Run

This game needs more TILLMAN POWER PUNCH

which is unfortunately not the awesome alcohol drink that it sounds like

Otto Man

“Ask 50 people in a bar” is also known as “Berman’s dating technique.”

The Lord Formerly Known as Revisisle

One of these days, ESPN is just going to broadcast a “Go fuck yourself audience” game. It will feature the worst two teams in the NFL. The broadcast booth will consist of Matt Millen, Tony Kornheiser, and Chris Berman. It will be randomly interrupted by a close up of Stu Scott’s bad eye. Skip Bayless will host the pregame, halftime and postgame shows. Lastly it will feature the worst commercials made in human history.


Hats off to Walrus 2.0 for dusting off Split backs, All Streaks on that first Iggles drive. Madden ’97 approves.


What is this GOP bitch complaining about? She has an iPad, she must be doing well!


Romney endorses ALL THE CONCUSSIONS, but dont take drugs, you cheating cheaters


Keith Richards as the Ghost of Cocaine’s Past

The Lord Formerly Known as Revisisle

The Eagles could have a 100 fucking opportunities to score from within the 10 and they still wouldn’t be able to punch it in.

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