3.20 The Cooler

03.20.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

The Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge Is Really a Hundred Thousand Dollar Lottery [NYT]

Beware Of The Lil Boosie Concert Scam Sweeping The Nation [Urban Daily]

An Erosion Of Trust Between NCAA Basketball Players, Coaches? [USA Today]

Has the Nike Roshe Run Met Its Match With Adidas ZX Flux? [TSG]

Who Are The Bitchiest, Most Defensive Fans In America? [Deadspin]

Is Email Turning Us All Into Spammers? [BuzzFeed]

Wu-Tang, Atomically [Grantland]

New Forms of C**t Added to the Dictionary?! [SourceFed]

The Slow Death Of The Microwave [Quartz]

Thim Slick Milf Dolly Castro [Giant]

One Soldier’s Job Delivering The Worst News Imaginable [Vice]

Is There Anything More Public Than Twitter? [The Bridge]

Watch Will Ferrell Completely Lose It During A ‘Weekend Update’ Segment On ‘SNL’ [Warming Glow]

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