The Browns Put Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel in a Top Gun Poster

07.09.14 3 years ago 70 Comments

We get it. It’s July. There’s next to nothing going on in the NFL, so nobody is going to blame the Browns for picking today to Photoshop a bunch of their players into famous movie posters and put the results on their website. And so here’s Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer (he of HOYER COUNTRY) as Maverick and Iceman from Top Gun. It’s a nice way of flattering them while keeping them still on kind of on equal footing. And it implies that Manziel is going to sleep with Mary Kay Cabot.

Also worth nothing is Joe Haden in a version of Independence Day in which the aliens blow up the Browns’ stadium. Instead of killing us, they’re putting the more downtrodden among us out of our misery.

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