“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Takes Us Into A Day In The Life Of B.o.B

11.13.12 5 years ago

In between jet-setting across the globe on tour and wrapping up his latest mixtape, B.o.B teamed up with The Hip Hop Dance Experience to give fans a peak into his daily routine – which includes things your dreams couldn’t even conjure up. For one, this 23-year-old ATLien is walking around a college campus like he owns the joint, despite skipping the establishment altogether. Second, he’s being interviewed because of the fact not one, but two of his songs are being featured on an interactive game. Then, when he doesn’t feel like dancing to his own music, he brings in his personal backup dancers to rock out a display of provocative game play on his behalf. But that’s only after he mentions performing for the President multiple times. If this guy isn’t living, living needs to be reclassified.

To soak up some of Bobby Ray’s game, watch The Hip Hop Dance Experience’s short below entitled “A Day In The Life Of B.o.B,” then bust a move to the actual game, which is now in-stores and on Amazon for Kinect for Xbox 360® and the Wii system from Nintendo. Turn your living room floor into the hottest club on the block today.

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