The Mike Florio Quote To End Them All

09.01.10 7 years ago 37 Comments

For those disinclined to follow media circlejerks, the latest one involves Washington Post columnist Mike Wise, who, for whatever fatuous reason, decided to take to his Twitter account on Monday to try an “experiment with online media” where he made up a report saying he heard that Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension is being reduced to five games. A few online media outlets, including ProFootballTalk, fell for the ruse, which Wise later stupidly bragged about on his radio show. Wise did an interview that day with Dan Levy, in which he responded to Florio’s contention that the Tweets were a dick move by suggesting that Florio has no right to talk because he’s a remorseless ethically challenged dick, which is true but doesn’t make Florio’s claim any less right.

As a result of his dumb prank, Wise was suspended by WaPo for a month. Florio, still self-righteously fuming over being duped, complained that Wise should have been fired. Speaking as someone who has been fired from The Washington Post for an infraction less serious than Wise’s, even I thought his punishment was fair. Later, The Post’s ombudsman, who doesn’t have the authority to fire anyone, weighed in, saying that Wise was lucky not to have been shitcanned. Uh oh, someone agreed with Florio! Time for gloating! And not just any gloating. CRAZY DELUSIONAL GLOATING.


Who exactly do you think are, the David Broder dean of the football press corps? No one cares who you think should be fired. You’ve carved yourself a nice and probably lucrative place among the great sports media borg, Florio, but don’t let your success floating rumors and theories fool you into thinking you’ve achieved some elevated place from which you can impose your demands.

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