Freddie Gibbs – “Flamboyant”

05.11.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

In lieu of waxing words, trying to find enough adjectives & phrases to convince you this is worth a listen, I’ll just throw my rep up. If you listen to Gibbs’ “Flamboyant” freestyle and you’re not mildly pleased…well, I won’t do shit really. TSS will still be here, I’ll still be writing. But you’re only be doing yourself a disservice by not listening.

This kid is a problem and it was about time I threw in my .01 in. For the Vibe piece, I bigged Gibbs up as someone I’m listening to, yet I hadn’t written anything. Lazy on my part because I’ve had a nice bit of his material on repeat. Consider this piece the warm-up edition (really, TC’s was first).

That’s it. No octane given or needed. Just listen.

Because I imagine that in one of the darker corners of heaven, there’s a Spades game going on. Big L is dealing a hand while telling Biggie, Pac & Pun how Freddie held it down over the track he wrecked first.

The Miseducation Of Freddie Gibbs, coming soon.

Freddie Gibbs – “Flamboyant” (Freestyle)

Bonus Download — Freddie Gibbs Feat. Black Flint – “Goodies” (Prod. by Josh The Goon)

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