Prices Slashed!

08.10.09 8 years ago 23 Comments

It was a good tax free weekend here in TN. Savings everywhere so I was able to ball out of control on coppin’ the kids’ school supplies. It’s in that spirit that we’ve decided to axe shipping costs on shirts for a limited time. That’s $6 off, making it an even Jackson. So all you Scrooge McDucks who said to yourself, “Self, I’d pay $20 for one of those shirts but not a dime more.” this is for you. And by “for a limited time,” I mean for a couple of days (Figure Wednesday) until I remember to switch the shipping option back on. Cop while it & they last is my best advice.

The Smoke Shop & Paypal await your contribution. We could use a little funding for the TSS coffers to source a few ideas.

Begin rockin’ your Fresh like a badge of honor.

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