The Week That Was…

06.13.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

It’s been another long week around here and things started out in a BIG way.  By big, we mean Tahiry big, as the photos leaked for her TahiryTV website.  People across the net simaltaneously rejoiced and began the countdown ’til she kicks Joe to the curb.  Not be outdone, T-Pain unveiled his Big Ass Chain, literally.  Jay performed DOA at Summer Jam, as he looked to end another “era” in Hip-Hop.  Trackstar continued his RMF Radio movement, while Contra™ played watchdog at The National Spelling Bee.

The Midterm Grades for XXL’s Freshman Class of ’09 and the response was mixed to say the least.   But I think we can all agree we’d like more output from all of them.  Drake continues to prove you don’t need a list to get your name out, much to the chagrin of many.  B.G. & Juvenile are working out their chemistry, hoping that 90’s  magic will resurface shortly and Mic Legacy gave a new meaning to “Must See TV.”

The NBA Finals finally got underway, but Hockey & Soccer got their fair share of coverage as well.  Shoot, Lil’ Dez might be as entertaining as the Finals & it’s always a good time for a bit of Hulkamania. We estactically had an Ecstatic giveaway and tested the water with our Uncharted 2 preview/giveaway.  Truthfully, we stayed in the giving mood, rounding up Mos’ late night performances for you and reviewing Ecstatic as well.  Sadly, we didn’t find it as easy to give Guru a passing grade.  Mo’Nique and her tambourine player beau spilled the beans on their open marriage, while Hammer almost had to lay the golden hammer down on Kathie Lee.  Common got a taste of that Disney money & Jansport’s across the world shed a tear.

But Lil’ Wayne stole the show again with his project twins, but should we really be surprised when he does songs like this? You mess with “Project Chicks” what else would you get but project twins.

Think about it and while we get ready for another week.

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