Then and Now: Fat Steelers Chick. A Study in Fandom

08.27.09 8 years ago 65 Comments

Earlier this week, Steeler Poodle called to mind the iconic image of Steelers fandom: the morbidly obese Steelers fan, AKA Fat Steeler Chick.  It encapsulates much of what is to be hated and loved about the mighty braying Steelers Republic: we can express our repulsion at this unsightly breeding ground for diabetes — especially since she seems to have a tongue stud and a wedding ring — or we can celebrate the inherent joy of being a Steelers fan.  Ignorance of ineptitude, it seems, is bliss.  As is a no-holds-barred approach to Primanti’s.

Remarkably, KSK commenter “Junker23” recognized someone in this famous photo, thus tipping him off to our hefty heroine’s name.  He was kind enough to pass on what he claims is a more recent photo of Fat Steelers Chick, who is now Less Fat Steelers Chick:

Still smiling.  Still in black and gold.  Considerably less heft.  And a naked ring finger this time.  Of course, it’s easy to posit that this second photo came first chronologically, that FSC got married and then REALLY put on the heft.

But we at KSK dismiss that notion.  Two-thirds of the writing staff at this website have some extra heft ourselves, so we choose to believe in a world where weight loss can be achieved while sitting on one’s ass during a five-month binge of nachos, wings, assorted fried goods, and delicious, delicious beer. It may seem unlikely, but if anyone can do it, it’s someone who has been cruelly mocked and mercilessly taunted by the unforgiving gauntlet of NFL fans on the Internet.

But we beg you, Fat Steeler Chick, don’t stop at this merely-hefty stage.  Go all the way to skinny and that smile could win beauty pageants (well, in Pittsburgh, at least).  Or blimp back out to comedically overweight so that we might once again revel in schadenfreude.  Either way, we thank you.  Keep shining.

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