This Is Why We Need Peter King Back From Vacation

07.08.11 6 years ago 34 Comments

MMQB READER: Hi Peter! I read you because I know NOTHING about football, and therefore I’d like to inquire about the Hall of Fame viability of Kerry Collins, who anyone who has ever lived will rightfully tell you only belongs in the Hall of Fame for Inappropriate Drunken Racial Jokes. Seriously, it’s Kerry Collins. KERRY COLLINS. Is he Canton-bound?

PETER: Sort of. Let’s give the process time to percolate. Perhaps after five years, Kerry Collins’ incredibly average career will suddenly become AMAZING because he became a beloved broadcaster who bought me dinner at Gordon Biersch many times over. Could it happen? MAYBE. Could he enter Canton with the likes of Jake Plummer and Johnny Johnson? POSSIBLY. Do I work as hard as Albert Breer? MY HEART SAYS NO, BUT PERHAPS WE NEED MORE TIME TO CONSIDER IT.

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