It’s All Thanks to Tiki!

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I made pinstripes what they are today…
and you wouldn’t believe what I did for the color orange.

I remember thinking that the best things about New York’s Super Bowl run was the fact that Tiki Barber had absolutely nothing to do with the team’s ultimate success. Knowing that his team excelled once he fled the Meadowlands for Rockefeller Plaza probably left gregarious insufferably douchey commentator with a touch of melancholy (and hopefully some infinite sadness).

So Tiki, how do you feel now that your team has achieved in your absence what they never could with you present?

“I feel great joy for them because I know in a lot of ways I helped a lot of guys on that team,” Barber said. “I know Brandon was someone who benefited from me being there; even criticizing someone is a way of getting them to think about themselves.”

But that’s not all!

Thanks to our unprecedented access to the world’s foremost taint sniffing omelet flippers we were able to learn a lot more about Tiki’s history of boosting greatness…

I’m not saying I was at Normandy beach, but those guys know I was there in spirit.

-I had lunch with Obama once, and I think that really opened his eyes to what hope and change can achieve.

-Lisa Gherardini was Da Vinci’s subject, but I was his muse.

-I taught Alicia Keys everything she knows about proper moisturizing.

-Al Gore invented the internet, but I invented Al Gore.

-Women didn’t swoon over Matty Lauer until I took him to a proper tailor.

-You know all of those good plays Ronde made this year? Well that was me.

-I taught Gilbert Arenas the proper shaving technique.

-In the summertime, my vaguely unsettling easygoing personality repels mosquitoes.

-I’m glad Tiger listened when I told him he had a shot to win at Dubai.

-Few people know that the Treaty of Versailles had a ghostwriter.

-I approached Alexander Parkes at his graduation party and uttered one word, “plastics.”

-I told that guy that shooting up the Super Bowl would be an error in judgement.

-I showed Saddam where to hide the WMDs.

-Woody was just some Catskills hack until I handed him my philosophy textbook.

-Women wearing ties? Not before I got in Diane Keaton’s ear.

-The ratings for the Super Bowl were so good because I personally turned on every TV in America.

-One time I was hangin’ with Gandhi and I was like, “dude, you need to lose some weight.”

Thanks, Tiki!

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