Tim Tebow’s New Endorsement Deal Sets Us Up For The Easiest Joke Of The Day

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01.22.13 47 Comments

“Oh man, this Kidz Bop album is dope.”

Last we heard of the New York Jets and their second- and sometimes-third string quarterback, Tim Tebow, owner Woody Johnson was trying to convince us that he was “forced” into making a trade with the Denver Broncos to acquire the eventual inspiration for Skip Bayless’ sex doll. Because if we’ve learned anything in this silly little life, it’s that the billionaire owner of a sports franchise can A) be forced to do something and B) won’t crave the constant attention.

Woody Johnson = Victim.

That said, it’s full steam ahead for Tebow the money maker, because he has recently teamed up with rapper Ludacris to be the face of a new signature series of SL300 Headphones by Soul. Additionally, he’ll also be the spokesperson for a business version called “Jet”, which will be fitting when he’s playing in Winnipeg next year.

But don’t worry, Tebow is well aware of the irony.

When a Soul Electronics spokesperson introduced the Jet headphones, she said it might not be called this for “too much longer — we might change the name,” alluding to the possibility of a looming trade. “I’m just kidding,” she added. (Tebow turned red and laughed along with the press).

When asked if he regrets the name, he said: “It’s also called the Jet because it’s the executive line for people who fly across the country … and are flying in jets.” (More laughter followed). (via Mashable)

The headphones retail for around $200, but the fancier styles can reach as much as $300. But that’s a small price to pay for quality, because if you’re going to buy headphones, you should trust the guy who wears them for a living.

Was that… yes, I believe it’s confirmed… that was indeed the easiest joke of the day, which means – GIF DANCE PARTY!!!

And I’m spent.

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