Tom Brady Ain’t Got Time For Friends

09.03.14 3 years ago 43 Comments



The reason Tom Brady never gets high-fived by anyone might be because he’s a callous, self-involved jerkhole who only thinks of himself. Case in point: when asked how he felt about the trouble facing his buddy Wes Welker, who reportedly was just suspended for taking molly at the Kentucky Derby, an event that Welker and Brady attended together, Dreamboat said the following:

“As a friend, you always hope the best. But, this is not friend time. It’s opponent time. My focus is on the Dolphins.”

No friend time, huh? So when exactly is friend time, Brady? WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT FOR YOU?! [slams every door in house]

Then again, perhaps Brady’s lack of sympathy is just revenge for that time that Welker cost them a Super Bowl victory.

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