Tony Romo Dooms All Playoff Teams

04.28.14 3 years ago 34 Comments


Back in January, Tony Romo attended a Dallas Stars game and was pictured holding up one of their jerseys. Naturally, a few months later, the Stars were bounced in the first round of the NHL playoffs by the Anaheim Ducks. While hardly a surprise given that it was an 8-seed losing to a 1-seed, it did continue 2014’s wonderful history of Tony Romo being a harbinger of postseason doom for a sports team other than his own.

In March, Romo and Jason Garrett showed themselves to be visible fans of the Duke Blue Devils. Flash forward a few weeks and Duke is getting eliminated by little-known Mercer in their first game of the NCAA Tournament.

If possible, we need Romo to do this for every sport, not even just team sports. Perhaps Romo can escort a boxer about to get decimated to the ring, then awkwardly shamble away after said knockout occurs. It’s not good enough for Romo to doom his own team. We need him to doom damn near every team.


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