Troll Brady: So Hawt, You Guys

02.06.12 6 years ago 20 Comments

In Super Bowl XLVI, it was Tom Brady: Troll Genius who was tragically trolled by his receivers’ drops and his defense’s inability to fall on fumbles. He might have also hung up an underthrown deep ball to Gronkowski that was picked, but Collinsworth wanted to blame that one on Gronk for some misguided reason, which is dumb but helps us stick with a theme. Anyway, Dreamboat got some Brady-ain’t-care trolling for his own in before all was said and done, posing for an NBC in-game montage looking FIERCE in a way he hasn’t since the infamous waterslide incident.

“A Living Social deal for Chop’t? Nice.”

“Aw, it’s sold out. Wait, I don’t need deals, I’m rich!”

Don’t feel like making a separate post for it, so this is where I’ll dump video of Jake Ballard trying to plant on his injured knee and failing fantastically. Unsilent said when it happened that if the game had ended at that moment, it would have been the highlight of the night. It’s still probably in the top three.

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