TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With One Block Radius

09.19.08 9 years ago 5 Comments

It’s only been a matter of time before the world got to know One Block Radius. Since forming in 2003, they’ve been formulating a universal sound, and while their debut Long Story Short and the preceding Cut Some Static mixtape slid under the radar, all the pieces are in place for a full on take over with their self-titled Mercury/Island Def Jam debut. Between the production and vocal brilliance of Marty James, the charisma, style and spits of Z-Man and scratches by MDA, One Block Radius is the complete package. In one word, their music is undeniable. They bring every flavor together and make a logical concoction of it all.

As a self-contained production and song writing unit, everything you hear is a direct reflection of themselves and their glowing creativity. The broad spectrum of sounds they cover is an honest representation of each personality in the group. They’re not fronting for radio, rapping for your approval or singing to melt your girls heart. They genuinely embody it all at once and do it naturally.

The video above, which was filmed August 14th, hardly scratches the surface of the group, let alone the long musical journey each member has traveled to get to this point. Both Marty and MDA were signed to the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal label as Scapegoat Wax, while Z-Man has released a hand-full of classic underground tapes, and two albums through Hiero Imperium/Refill Records. They’re not some here one day, gone the next talentless group of individuals pieced together by some Lou Pearlman motherfucker at a label. The roots run deep and it’s been eminent since the beginning of it that good things would come to fruition.

That time is now.

The album, One Block Radius, is in stores now. For more info check www.myspace.com/oneblockradius

Listen – One Block Radius – Cut Some Static Mixtape

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