Tumblr Is Slowly Killing Adult Content Blogs Just Like You Feared It Would

Life Writer
07.19.13 30 Comments

Show of hands. Who searches Tumblr for “ass clapping gifs” and gets hit with hundreds of gifs of applauding asses? Yeah? Well, those days are now gone, just like you thought they’d be when Yahoo took over.

Despite roughly 10% of Tumblr being porn, the microblogging website just made adult blogs unsearchable, meaning 12 million smut Tumblrs will no longer be showing up in any public tag searches. Posts made by BewbsAndBooties can now only be seen by their followers, the followers of people who reblog them and anyone who has a direct link to the site.

On top of that, Tumblr is now labeling sites as “adult” even if the owner didn’t label it as such. So if your Tumblr is a mix of comic book stuff, science stuff, car stuff and porn stuff, you run the risk of being labelled “adult” and being banished from the public like a hunchbacked redhead.

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