Turk Talks About His Cash Money Woes And Working His Way Back In The Game On ‘The Breakfast Club’

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04.10.15 7 Comments

On Thursday, former Hot Boy Turk stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 to talk about everything surrounding his career during and after his Cash Money career, his prison sentence, Wayne’s battle with Birdman and his own legal battle he’s currently locked into with Bryan “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams.

For anyone not up to speed, Turk got out of prison a while back and originally planned to reunite with his CMB team. Things had obviously changed drastically since the old Hot Boys days and plans didn’t pan out. He decided to strike out solo, but also wanted the money he was owed. Turk didn’t get it, which ultimately led to him filing a $1.3 million lawsuit against Cash Money with him saying he never received royalties during his time spent with the company.

He’s spoken on the situation previously but he goes into detail with TBC, explaining how things got messed up in the first place, dating back to when the label first blew up and signed their huge deal with Universal.

“When we was doing it, we was really just doing it…We really didn’t see it,” he said. “Like we signed with Universal…We didn’t understand it because it happened so fast. I don’t even think Baby and them understood it to be honest. Because even behind them, you got attorneys. They got attorneys that’s pulling strings behind them that’s probably taking from them. We don’t know.”

“But when we become older and wiser and we knew, now let’s come to the table and let’s work it out. Nobody don’t wanna sit down and that’s where the problems still linger on at.”

Turk goes on to discuss how they did a lot of their original deals on paper using in-house advisers, lawyers, managers, etc. all provided by the label. Yeah, he, B.G., Juvie and Wayne all got screwed or screwed themselves, depending on how you look at it, falling for the same bad advice so many other artists before them have taken the bait on.

“We was more hurt, than anything, as far as the situation with Baby,” Turk continued. “He kind of raised us, man, and to go through what we went through, and not get what we supposed to have, it just was like, Damn.”

“We got cars, we got houses, Rolexes; you know, material things. But what I know now, I’m supposed to still be getting checks. I’m on platinum albums, I never got a publishing, I never got an artist royalties, I never got none of that.”

Throughout the interview, Turk’s honest in admitting that he probably would’ve never achieved the level of stardom as the others – mainly because he “was on dope too bad” and even overdosed several times right before being arrested. So, he gives proper credit to Baby, Slim and the label for opening doors for him but, as he says regarding the Williams brothers, “the fact still remains, you owe me.”

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