U.K. Professor Develops Lunchbox-Sized Breast Cancer Scanner

10.29.10 7 years ago

Amazing, right? It both scans breast tissue for cancer and plays Encino Man!

Have I mentioned how much I love the U.K. lately? Not only did they give us the bosom of Katie Price, but now they lead the fight in mobile Female Boobie Inspection as well. Enter Professor Zhipeng Wu from the University of Manchester in the U.K., he’s the crazy chesticle genius who developed this awesome technology. Through emitting radio waves, this grapefruit holder-lookin’ thingy can scan individual breasts (even still in their bra) and broadcast a realtime image.

Something, something, joke about boob tube. *pie in the face*

Sing it, Dvice:

The portable scanner even has quite the leg up on the usual X-ray mammography equipment, as the lunchbox-sized unit performs tests in real-time, meaning it could spy a complication that a larger X-ray unit would miss. What’s more, it doesn’t deal the large dose of radiation a typical mammogram does, which is important for women who are in the later stages of breast cancer. It can do all this without the gels and the setup of a mammogram — all a woman has to do is simply dip her breast into the scanning cup, even while still wearing her bra. Sizes shouldn’t matter, as the cup can be filled with any ol’ liquid (such as water, oil, milk or the like) and still complete the scan.

Pretty awesome, I gotta’ be honest. Crack all the teeth jokes you want, tease them because we made it to the moon first, but don’t knock the fact that the U.K. beat us to the mammary first. Below is a short video of the tiny scanner in action…at least I think that’s what it is. It kind of looks like it could possibly be footage from DJ Hero. Yeah, that could be it, I think it’s from a video game.

Video after the jump:

Video thanks to PopSci.

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