Vic Mensa – “DID IT B4” Video

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05.10.13 15 Comments

Right now may be the best time in Vic Mensa’s young career. For several years now, he’s been working and rhyming, building his name and resume bit by bit. Not long after he started to gain steam on the solo tip (his Straight Up tape still goes), he hitched his wagon to a group of friends to become Kids These Days.

Now, Kids These Days are no more. As he explained to XXL earlier this week, the time had essentially come for him to go back to doing it for dolo.

“It’s never going to be an “I hate you” type of situation. For the most part it’s a happy settlement…The band breaking up wasn’t my ultimatum, I didn’t bring that to the table, but once it was brought to the table it kind of opened up a world I’d already been living in in my own head for a while. I just see it as a great opportunity. Kids These Days was great and it was a lot of fun, but now I want to do something different. And I produce now, too.”

So how’s now good for Vic?

Simple. He dropped a fucking fantastic verse on #SaveMoney affiliate and Chicago brother Chance’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses” and has everybody wondering just who the hell is…for the second time around. So, a clean break from Kids and a chance to step back into his own spotlight aren’t anything new for Vic. As his latest song and Austin Vesley-directed video suggest, he “DID IT B4” and has the skills to do it again.

If the video doesn’t give you a look into Vic’s brain (literally), do check out the full XXL interview here to hear of his solo plans, the break up and other detailed info. And watch for his upcoming project, INNANETAPE.

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