Victor Cruz Only Pawn in Game of Life

10.06.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Poor Victor Cruz.

One of the lone beacons of hope in the Giants otherwise abysmal season, Cruz has recently found himself the punchline for opponents end zone dances. Last week we watched as the Chiefs Dexter McCluster salsa’d all over Arrowhead Stadium after returning a punt for a touchdown. This week, the Eagles DeSean Jackson ran with the trolling torch, mocking Cruz’s signature dance himself after hauling in a 56 yard touchdown catch.

But why Cruz? Is is because other players are jealous of his sense of style? Has the NFL always been more of a merengue league? Or is it something else? He seems like a pretty nice guy, so what could he have possibly done to piss an entire league off into making him the butt of every joke?


(GIF via theScore)

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