Video: Jay Bilas Quotes Young Jeezy On Live Television

12.06.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

All credit goes to my homie Terry for this find. For those active on Twitter, you may or may not know Jay Bilas’ account is one of the best in the business. Aside from college basketball insight, the announcer has a soft spot for Hip Hop, particularly Young Jeezy’s. He’s often seen quoting Jeezy and has even gone on record saying how much of a fan of The Snowman’s music he is. Still, he’s never actually allowed his musical passion to shine through on his day job. At least until now.

During the Missouri and Villanova game on ESPN, the former Duke Blue Devil provided analysis during a replay and ended it by quoting Jeezy’s lyric, “You better call your crew, you gon’ need help,” from TM101’s “Bottom Of The Map.” He likely could have stood to use a better line, but given the audience and the fact there’s only so many G rated lines from Young, I think we can all tip our caps and give an A for effort. Plus, how dope is it that he used a line from a song that’s not a single? That’s a clear indication he harbors a genuine appreciation for the music. Jay Bilas has a lifetime Hip Hop pass for this one.

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