John Mayer Asks That You Pardon His Privates

02.11.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

And probably his mouth as well. After yesterday’s revelation that the guitar hero was swashbuckling with a swastika, it was inevitable that everything John Mayer-related was to go up in flames. Rappers let him have it, and you can imagine he deflated the dreams of many Black woman’s “white boy crush.”

Having already apologized on his Twitter, the “possible, future grown-up” took the stage in Nashville, frog in throat and all, to clear the air instead of offering excuses for his actions.

Eh, whatever’s clever. I guess it’s no secret who selected Tiger’s “mistresses.” Ladies, if your body is wonderland, might as well call it a plantation too. In all seriousness, jokes go bad sometimes and there is always light at then end of the tunnel. In John’s case, it’s very very light.

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