Vontae Davis Observes Tampering, Later Claims It Was Hackers

02.28.13 5 years ago 16 Comments

Vontae Davis used to play for the Dolphins before the beginning of last season, when he was shipped to the Colts for a second-round pick. You might recall when the trade happened on “Hard Knocks” when Vontae’s initial reaction to the news was that he needed to call his grandma.

Anyway, he’s still friends with former teammate Sean Smith, a cornerback who figures to be in high demand in the free agency market this year. Vontae tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that he ran into Smith, who told him he was in contract talks with the Chiefs. That’s nice, except doing so would be a tampering violation by the Chiefs. Oopdee!

So, naturally, Vontae went for the old Twitter f*ck-up standby: claiming he was hacked. Haxxxored! 5Chan got ‘chu good!

Totally, Vontae. There’s nothing hackers enjoy like breaking into a Twitter account just to spread damaging information about someone the victim is only loosely connected to. Classic hacker move.

Of course, there was enough blowback from this that Sean Smith has had to deny any interaction with the Chiefs. He did also admit to running into Vontae, making Davis look even more full of sh*t. Unless Smith’s Twitter account was also hacked and the hackers are just playing out the narrative of a very off-season story as some sort of performance art. Believe me if you want, but hackers are artful, y’all.

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