OnCue – “All The Way” Video

09.24.11 6 years ago

Many times, we intro our pieces with quotes from the featured songs. When listening to OnCue’s new single “All The Way,” there was a good handful I told myself to lead with.

“No gimmick can boost your pain”

“I can’t sit still knowing I ain’t shit still”

“My girl callin’ my phone and she blaming me/For sh*t I didn’t do, Patron is a ritual”

See, even though I’m typically just a sucker for a good beat, lines like the ones above always make Cuey’s open book of self-critique well worth reading. And, in watching this Adam Ross directed-video for “All The Way,” the NY rhymer’s truths become evident and accessible. Almost everyone experiences self-doubt or specific hang-ups regarding their girlfriend’s insecurities, but issues are a lot easier to tackle when you see someone you respect experiencing them as well.

If you’re looking for more of OnCue’s musical mediation, his upcoming Can’t Wait mixtape will be hitting file-servers sooner than you think.

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