Week 6 Early Games Open Thread

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The NFL had briefly considered postponing or moving today’s Eagles-Bucs game on account of Tampa’s facilities swimming with disease. But no, the game is going on as initially scheduled at Raymond James Stadium. Because safety is important, you guys. If someone gets infected, it’s just one of the Eagles. Nothing the league can’t do without. Meanwhile, the NFLPA claims it has information that shows Greg Schiano was the leak of the report that Josh Freeman entered stage 1 of the NFL’s drug program. Under normal circumstances, he could get the Lane Kiffin treatment and have the team bus pull away after the game without him, but Schiano’s campaign of biowarfare may save his job for the time being. No other coach has the hazmat suits ready to risk infection and replace him on the sidelines.

Elsewhere, Lions-Browns is one of the two best games of an early game slate. That’s right. This is the world we live in. With Brian Hoyer done for the year, most assume it’s time for Cleveland to resume its woebegone ways, though Brandon Weeden actually played halfway competently in the second half of Cleveland’s win against the Bills in Week 5. Given 10 days of preparation, I feel like Doopy Pantz can return to form and get the Factory of Sadness rolling again.

Speaking of surprising competence, the Jets host the Steelers, who are imbued with a laser-like focus since Mike Tomlin banned ping-pong and shuffleboard from the locker room. Then again, it would be a very Jets thing to tease its fans with success one week only to lose to a winless team the next.

Adrian Peterson is playing two days after losing his 2-year-old son. That’s admirable commitment to his job in the wake of a tragedy, but let’s try to refrain from speculating how losing a child informs his performance on the field. Haha, just kidding. If he goes over 100 yards, everyone on TV is going to swear that he did it because he’s fired up.

Your early game slate, as rated by KSK’s not-at-all subjective, rigorously scientificated five-star system:

Green Bay at Baltimore ***
Cincinnati at Buffalo **
Detroit at Cleveland ***
St. Louis at Houston **
Oakland at Kansas City **
Carolina at Minnesota *
Pittsburgh at New York Jets **
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay *

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