What To Wear At The Louvre

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This is how Justin Bieber dresses when his leather shirts get dirty.

In light of Robert Griffin III’s questionable sartorial selection while visiting the Louvre (@bengalidude via the Bog), we asked some of the NFL’s most purposeful dressers what they would wear if they were in his position.

Mike Pouncey

oh pounceys
Image via ESPN.

When you’re in a foreign country you need to get familiar with their customs. When in Rome, do like you’re Italian, right? That’s why if I’m going to some French art museum, I’m reppin’ the local flavor with my custom “FREE GUY GEORGES” hat. All I know about Guy is that he’s in jail because some cops say he’s a serial killer. I went with him because of all the alleged French serial killers on Wikipedia his name was definitely the least gay sounding. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do that stuff they say he did, and if he did I bet he’s sorry.

Eli Manning

lookin sharp little man
Image via SI.


Tom Brady

tom brady blue jacket

It’s not so much what you wear as it is how you wear it. That said, you can’t go wrong in a blue evening jacket by Tom Ford with a black bow tie and matching dress pants. Anything less and you risk being mistaken for a vagrant.

Colin Kaepernick

nice kaep

Oh you know I’d be wearing my Marseille jersey! Don’t act like you’re mad, Paris. Just because I’m visiting your city doesn’t mean I can’t wear another city’s gear. That Marseille blue looks good on me. Droit au but, haters!

Peyton Manning

you never know when somebody is going to need a fourth

It’s important to dress appropriately for any occasion. Nothing says “dignified” like your best baby blue Vineyard Vines shorts with a yellow shirt from the pro shop at Augusta. It’s comfortable for sight seeing and refined enough for even the finest art museums. Besides, you never know when a friend is going to need somebody to fill out their foursome.

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