Who Gets To Continue To Be Awful At Their Job And Who Does Not?

01.03.12 6 years ago 54 Comments

Black Monday saw several coaches and team executives being shown the door like the miserable incompetents that they are. Then Black Tuesday did as well. Surely, some more people will be fired and those days will get to dress in blackface as well. Everyone knows firings are great, except for when reporters repeat that euphemistic bullsh*t that someone was “relieved of their duties” by a team, like they’ve been granted freedom from the manacles of their football job and are now able to go frolic freely with smiling, singing forest creatures. They got fired. Just say it. Anyway, here’s a rundown of who’s been canned and who probably should have been canned but was mysteriously given another chance to suck.

Bill Polian

One of the most powerful executives in football, Polian made it possible for the Colts and Peyton Manning to thrive through a slight rejiggering of the rules to benefit Indy’s pass-happy attack. On the other hand, he’s a controlling asswipe and Jim Irsay would like to be able to have some say in his team’s operations between posting classic rock lyrics on his Twitter feed.

Status: FIRED

Jim Caldwell

To his credit, Caldwell showed marked gains in feigning understanding the responsibilities of his job this season.


Jerry Angelo

The Bears general manager had a draft record of futility to rival anyone’s. Oh, and there was that time he ignored the pleas of his coaches not to sign Kordell Stewart to big money and did it anyway. And still kept his job for almost another decade.

Status: FIRED

Mike Martz

Once again, an NFL offense fails to grasp the fantastic complexity of the Mike Martz system. Why, it’s not his fault football players are such simps. Who are you to question genius? How could he have known that Jay Cutler would get hurt and then the team couldn’t bring in another veteran because it would take too long to learn Martz’s Byzantine playbook? Force majeure. No refund.

Status: FIRED until he can sucker yet another team into giving him a job.

Norv Turner

The Chargers reportedly gave scroteface an ultimatum a few weeks back that either his team wins out and makes the postseason, or he gets canned. Well, the Chargers didn’t win out, so naturally…


Andy Reid

One season of tarnished expectations shouldn’t get in the way of many more seasons of tarnished expectations.


Raheem Morris

Drew picked the Buccaneers to go to the Super Bowl and no one makes Drew look foolish and lives to tell about it.

Status: FIRED

Steve Spagnuolo

The Rams demand their next coaching sacrifice. At least they no longer have to worry about inheriting A.J. Smith from the Chargers. And by they, I mean a largely theory based idea of a Rams fan base.

Status: FIRED

Leslie Frazier

Frazier has capably maintained the level of ineptitude to which Vikings fans are accustomed, with or without Purple Jesus.


Kyle Shanahan

Only including this to toy with Kogod’s and other ‘Skins fan emotions.

Status: Nepotism still alive and well.

Jeff Fisher

Meeting with the Dolphins. Does this spell a return to excessive sideline fistpumps?


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