Who needs a nice story about some puppies?

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Well too bad, because you’re not getting one here.

Remember last week when the Cleveland Browns announced they were going to replace Chomps, a person in a dog suit, with Swagger, a live bullmastiff? Sounded like a cute story. Dog runs out with players onto the field, dog hopefully doesn’t take out any mini horses on the way, maybe we all get a laugh if it pees on Flyin’ Jimmy Haslam’s shoes.

It doesn’t seem as cute now that local Browns bloggers are calling attention to the fact the Browns don’t do anything to help local dog shelters that need help in the area, specifically, The Cleveland City Kennel which looks like this:

Rusted cages, overcrowding, most of them strays who show signs of abuse and neglect. 

Fans say that the Browns overlooked a good chance to highlight dogs that come from the actual pound and need help from Clevelanders by going with a pure breed dog for their mascot. 

So we agree, it is very unfortunate that the Browns did not consider rescuing a dog from an actual pound right in their own backyard where there are dogs in need of help that face euthanasia for time and space.

Fortunately for the Browns it is not to late for them to rethink their PR moves before the season begins. How great would it be to see the Dawg Pound proudly supporting local pounds? How much goodwill would that build with the fans? Hate to point to baseball, but look at the fun fans seem to be having following the antics of Milwaukee Brewers pup Hank? They’re selling out of his jersey which raises money for the Wisconsin Humane Society. The locals love Hank so much he’s going to get his own bobble head in September. IN SEPTEMBER — FOOTBALL SEASON! — THERE IS GOING TO BE A BIG STORY WITH DOGS GOING ON IN BASEBALL AND YOUR MASCOT IS A DOG FIX THIS BROWNS.

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. It’s be a rough week around the NFL and maybe we can get one goddamn thing right around here.

Cleveland fans, reach out to the team’s PR mavens. Dog fans, even if you hate the Browns, make the same plea too. You know you love puppies too. (Except don’t bother with PR director Zac Gilbert since he’s no longer there. Ooof. Beginning to think their three-years-out-of-date community involvement page is more than just an accident.)

[H/T Jim Kanicki via Cleveland Frowns]

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