Woman Still Pretending To Want To Bang Draftee

04.30.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

Last week, we featured video of a kinky haired young lady professing her desire to make sweet f*ck time with the guy picked last in the NFL Draft. The video got play from enough blogs to prompt this follow-up, now that there is an actual Mr. Irrelevant to pine for, rather than just in the abstract. Well, as convincing as she plays crazy, thanks to the obsessives over at Off the Bench who tracked Brianne down, we know this to be a ruse and that she to be a comedian in search of a hit viral video. I’ll never believe in love again.

In actual Mr. Irrelevant news, it appears the guy picked last had already been in contract negotiations with the Chargers before being picked by the Colts at 253. Aw, it just so happens that this woman’s biggest turn-off is slight violation of contract procedure. You blew it, brah!

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