WoW Didn’t Start The Fire

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The Dark Endeavor guild on the Durotan World of Warcraft server has made a music video for “We Didn’t Light the Fire” by Billy Joel. Kotaku calls it “the greatest WoW music video ever made,” apparently having forgot about Kompressor. But this video’s pretty cool, too.

The video uploader Mr Zoddiak […] said “It took about a week of planning, around 40 runs by myself to imagine the setup and route, an hour to setup the raid of 26 people, around 2 hours of practice runs and slight tweeks to placements, and a few real tries. What you see was our final go of the night. Over all, we had alot of fun.” Another video is planned for the new year. [PCGamer]

That’s awesome, and I look forward to the next video; just don’t mention the Cola Wars again.  Billy Joel will flip over a table if you mention that. He can’t take it.  Bridge On The River Kwai and children of Thalidomide he can handle, but don’t breathe a word about the Cola Wars around Billy.  He will not stand for this outrage.  I hate that video so much.  This WoW version is a huge improvement:

If the YouTube video is blocked in your country, it’s available in a different player at Kotaku.

[Banner pic via EpicPonyz]

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