Yeah Yeah Yeahs To Concert-Goers: Put Those “Motherf*cking” Cameras Away

04.08.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Photo: SPIN

Viewing concerts through the megapixel lenses and HD screens of smartphones has become an almost-Freudian urge concert-goers have grappled with over the last decade. We’re all guilty of it, what with the new iPhone or Android devices shuffling around in our pockets.

But rockers the Yeah Yeah Yeahs commanded that attendees leave their devices in their cloth pouches. At a gig at New York City’s Webster Hall last night, the band posted the above photo to make it clear that they wanted the up-most, corporeal interaction from fans.

Spin snapped and tweeted the photo, then mentioned that lead singer Karen O gave the audience a few minutes to take as many pictures as they would like, but only if they kept itchy trigger fingers and wandering eyeballs away from their phones for the rest of the set. Because, of course, who wouldn’t respect her wishes when she yells, “put those motherf*ckers away!” For its effort, Spin received an outpouring of support.

Beware condones this practice, and so should the rest of us. Fifty pictures of a favorite musician covered in sweat, half-leaning behind an amp isn’t that cool anyways.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs drop their fourth studio album, Mosquito, next Tuesday, courtesy of Interscope.

Via: Spin

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