You Stirr No So Tough, Jagwal

10.06.08 9 years ago 24 Comments

I come to Jacksonvirr, I sray youl team 100 pelcent. You can no covel me if use six, maybe seven Jagwal. Use whore famire of Jagwal – can no do it! Even use Ocerot. No cat is able! I find weakness in covelage, then I expriot! Work evelee time!

Now me get take much needed week to lest. Lerax, have smirre, maybe get leady costume foll Harroween. Fliend terr me he use mascot of othel Pittsbulg team rast yeal. Big winnel, he say.

Rongrastname say he everything in much gleat pain. I terr foll him use ancient footbarr lemedy of not lun into rineman. He wirr see. He feer bettel – not time frat!

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