Your 1pm Open Thread: Brought to You by Slangin’ Sammy Hurd

12.18.11 6 years ago 328 Comments

Sam Hurd was released by the Bears following his arrest on federal drug charges this week. Speculation surrounds the existence and contents of a list of Hurd’s NFL customers that is supposedly in the possession of authorities. While the NFL doesn’t need another scandal—it could set an example for other beleaguered sports organizations by owning this problem.

My suggestion: a new episode of NFL’s Top 10—the NFL Network’s sporadic series that recycles NFL Films footage and allows us to snicker at how poorly Mike Shanahan has aged. TOP 10 NAMES ON SAM HURD’S COKE LIST would be appointment viewing. Who wouldn’t want to see Nick Bakay or a Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer say stuff like: “Robbie Gould? No one saw that coming!” You’re welcome, Goodell.

Today’s early games, rated on the 4-star system that did three years in Chino because it don’t snitch:

Carolina at Houston **
Washington at NY Giants **
Miami at Buffalo *
Seattle at Chicago *
New Orleans at Minnesota **
Cincinnati at St. Louis *
Tennessee at Indianapolis **
Green Bay at Kansas City **

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