Your Week 17 Late Games Open Thread

12.30.12 5 years ago 1,291 Comments

Adrian Peterson needs 208 yards to break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards, set in 1984. As much as I hope Purple Jesus breaks the record, the Vikings are probably the last team I’d want to see in the playoffs. Other than AP, there’s almost nothing on that team that generates viewing interest. They smack off a team destined to get routed on the road next weekend should they make it. Moreover, it would prove Drew correct about his preseason prediction of the Vikings making the playoffs and we can’t have that.

There aren’t many scenarios in which Peterson runs for 200+ yards on the Packers and the Vikings don’t win, unless Leslie Frazier is content to abandon all hopes of making the playoffs for the sake of AP claiming this illustrious record, so let’s all hope and pray that he does. If not, it seems he has designs on the next Summer Olympics. Also, he should win MVP even though the supplicating NFL press corps trip all over their guts voting for Peyton Manning.

A Packers loss coupled with a Niners victory over the Buzzsaw gives San Francisco the other first-round bye in the NFC. The Seahawks can claim the no. 2 spot in the unlikely event that both Green Bay and San Francisco lose. Given that Seattle is a touch difficult to beat when playing at home, the rest of the NFC contenders should be rooting pretty hard against that scenario.

Your late game slate, as rated for potential watchability by KSK’s patented four- and sometimes five-star system:

Kansas City at Denver *
Green Bay at Minnesota ***
Miami at New England *
Oakland at San Diego *
St. Louis at Seattle **
Arizona at San Francisco **

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