Yung Joc Will Twitter Your B.I.

05.18.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

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According to Yung Joc, DMX & Katt Williams were hanging out with him and argued over a line of coke. This was before they decided to split the line with Katt’s German shepard. Said dog got geeked & bit Joc, causing him to receive stitches.

The lesson here is that drugs bring together people of race, creed & character and that is how Dr. King’s dream will be realized.

Now, I’m simply waiting on the airing out of the homosexual rappers because, dear Yahweh, that shall be a list that will leave the masses in awe…or maybe not. Dear Joc, we already knew Diddy was tap-dancing around the closet, along with several other execs. But we thank you in advance for confirming it.

Thanks The YBF.

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