Carlos Zambrano Is Misunderstood

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While Carlos Zambrano is visiting team doctors to check on his mental well-being in the wake of last Friday’s hissy fit, the ace-turned-batting-practice-arm has still not addressed the team about his behavior.

david letterman

Letterman Lets Landon Off Light

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Landon Donovan was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, and if you wanted to hear him talk about anything interesting, you were out of luck.


Scottie Pippen Sucks With Money

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The famous American poet Christopher Wallace once wrote: “It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.


A Horrible Sports Death Trifecta

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There's nothing worse in life than seeing a young person go down with an untimely death, and unfortunately three of them have happened quite recently.


How Well Did Nike ‘Write The Future’ At The World Cup?

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competitive eating

Kobayashi Goes On Hunger Strike

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The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence than gratuitous gluttony.

Watch Out, Chia Pets: Athletes Want to Eat You

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You see that Homer Simpson Chia Pet your uncle bought you six years ago so he could feel 'hip' and 'in-tune with popular culture that's sitting there forlorn on your kitchen ledge.


Bosh: Playing With LeBron, Wade Is ‘Pie In The Sky’

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I don't know how these sorts of rumors get started, but the idea is floating around out there that Miami will make a play to re-sign Dwyane Wade and acquire Wade's fellow free agents Chris Bosh and that one guy that quit in the playoffs last year.


Clear And Present Meat


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los angeles

Hippies Protesting New LA Stadiums

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After a recently proposed 75,000-seat stadium was approved by state legislature to be built in the City of Industry, environmental groups in California are protesting another proposed NFL stadium that would be constructed right next to the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


The Most Depressing Story Ever Told

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I'd like to say that I understand the passion soccer fans have, but this is just unbelievable.


Cedric Benson Likes To Drink, Allegedly Punch Bouncers

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Cedric Benson has had an odd career in the NFL so far, to say the least.


Michael Vick’s Birthday: Never Bring Cake To A Gunfight

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As you might have heard, Mike Vick's birthday didn't include balloon animals or a moon bounce or even an apathetic clown, but it did have something you can't buy in stores; someone getting shot.


South Africa Is Less Attractive Now

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After all of the hubbub surrounding the <a href="">presence of the wives and girlfriends</a> of Team England’s players at the World Cup, those blokes probably could have used some extra buggering with their sexy birds.


With Leather’s Top Ten Angriest Sports Heroes

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In <a href=",251289">memoriam of Rasheed Wallace</a>'s illustriously insane stint as one of the most interesting professional athletes in recent memory, I'll be profiling the top ten angriest sports figures.


BJ Upton Wanted To Go To Fisticuffs

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BJ Upton did his best <a href="">Scrappy Doo</a> impression after teammate Evan Longoria got all up in his grill.


You Dropped A Meat On Me…


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The One Way To Shut Up A Vuvuzela

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Here's a dog sharing a bit of nose space with a vuvuzela, and he's none too happy about it.


Bradley on the Hot Seat, Landon’s Baby Momma Drama, And We’ll Always Call it Soccer: Another WORLD CUPDATE

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Just when you thought American soccer was about to turn a corner and make a run for the World Cup, they fell 2-1 to Ghana.

detroit lions

Lions Prez Blew Twice The Legal Limit

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On Friday evening, Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, after police pulled him over for driving “erratically.

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